Saturday, December 11, 2010

Datamax I-Class and W-Class Head Latch Issues

For those of you who own the Datamax I-Class or W-Class Thermal Transfer Barcode Printer, you may be experiencing difficulties trying to close the printhead.  Many time you will experience 'Printhead Open', and, of course, you'll have to try several times to close the printhead to correct the error.

This problem is caused by closing the printhead improperly.  Most users do not pay proper attention when closing the printhead.  Most time, the printhead is closed and the latch is engaged carelessly.  Datamax gives no proper procedure on closing the printhead on these models so it is understandable why this continues.

The proper procedure to close the printhead is to close the printhead, put gentle pressure on both sides of the printhead with your hand, then close the printhead.  You'll feel a distinctive latch as the printhead latch engages.  This procedure will greatly improve the lifetime of the printhead latch.

But for those of you who are experiencing 'printhead open' errors now, those problems will not go away.  The printhead latch and spring must be replaced.  The cost of this replacement and repair is about $225.00 (parts and labor) if completed by Thunderbird Technical Services.  This cost does not include travel time or shipping costs.

Thunderbird Technical Services provides on-site barcode printer repair services, service plans and maintenance programs in these, and in the surrounding areas of Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky, Dayton - Springfield, Vevay, Indianapolis, Indiana, Madison, IN, Columbus, OH, Southeastern Ohio, Maysville, and Eastern Kentucky, Lexington, and Louisville.

We also offer depot repair service programs. Send in your printer for diagnosis and repair, preventative maintenance check-up, inspection, update, or refurbishment. We'll provide you with a quote within 48 hrs. after receiving your equipment. Our scheduled maintenance programs have proven to be instrumental in eliminating downtime.

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